Gum treatment (also known as periodontal debridement) is the main treatment for gum disease. It is performed by removing debris accumulated on the roots of your teeth, deep beneath the gums.  The calculus (hardened plaque) around the roots of your teeth are the main source of bacteria.

Gum treatment is performed by firstly numbing the teeth that need to be cleaned. The root surfaces are then disinfected and cleaned with specific instruments to remove calculus and bacteria so that healing of the gums and surrounding tissues may occur.

It is normal to expect bleeding immediately after cleaning and teeth may feel more sensitive in the first few weeks after gum treatment.

Your teeth will then have to be reviewed and maintained regularly at 3-6 month intervals to ensure that the health of your gums are properly taken care of.

It is important to meticulously clean your teeth and gums every day as prescribed by your periodontist. Regular dental visits alone without undertaking oral hygiene measures at home will result in failed gum treatment and progression of gum disease.