About Us

Affinity Dental Clinic is a dental specialist clinic previously known as Saw Endodontic Clinic. Our expertise lies in dealing with various aspects of root canal treatment, such as conventional root canal treatments (straightforward and complicated cases) and in re-treating failed root canal treatments (including retrieval of fractured instruments within the root canal system).

We routinely carry out root canal treatments in a single visit whenever possible. There is no difference in the success rate of root canal treatments carried out in a single visit versus multiple visits. A single visit root canal treatment decreases the anxiety of our patients and increases the comfort of our patients.

While root canal treatment is the core of our clinic, we also take pride in other aspects of dentistry offered by our team of dental specialists. This has enabled us to approach cases from a multi-disciplinary view in order to deliver optimum treatment planning and results.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver dental treatment of the highest standards to you.

Our Team